• Chandler Stooksbury

Welcome to the BC Blog


In a world where watching short videos controls the internet, I thought going back to pen and paper (or in this case, keys to a screen), would be an appealable platform to the intrigued. So what is BC? As much as Bailey, or her thousands of fangirls want it to be Bailey Castro, BC is the acronym for Bailey and Chandler. BC Sports is our indoor facility located in Wellington, Florida where we are home to hundreds of up-and-coming softball and baseball players. We found ourselves here after both playing and coaching at the collegiate level and yes, one of us won back-to-back National Championships at the University of Florida. From our positions on the dirt (or the bench in Bailey's case), to writing lineups in an office, to now training inside a cage, we plan on covering all things softball, but more importantly, the topics that matter most in life... or at least to us. Our hope is that our words will not only interest our readers, but give knowledge, inspire growth, allow the opportunity to highlight success, and provide comfort in times of struggle. We plan on publishing a blog once a week. We will take turns writing the posts (bare with Bailey's writing, she paid a girl named Allison to get her through ENGL 1101 at Florida) and sometimes we will do videos to keep you on your toes.

Stay tuned for our first official blog next week!

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